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Wortendo (Wortify english version) is an online game based on Spelling Bee, a very popular word game all around the world. The rules of the game are simple: every day, all players receive an identical set of 7 letters and have to form words with at least 4 letters from them. All letters can be used as often as desired, but each word must contain the one letter colored yellow. The longer the words, the more points you get, and the closer you get to the highest level. You can find detailed rules below. This game is excellent for training memory and is often played in schools, colleges, and everywhere by young and old.



You see 7 letters in front of you. Your task is to form as many English words as possible from these letters. You don't have to use all the letters, only the middle one has to be in each word. Words must be at least 4 letters long, and the letters of a word can be used several times to spell it. You have 24 hours every day from 0 o'clock to guess as many words as possible before a new challenge appears. All players will be looking for the same words every day!
For a word with 4 letters you get only 1 point. For longer words you get 1 point for each letter. So for "duck" you get 1 point, but for "ducks" you get 5. Also, in each game you can find at least one pangram. A pangram is a word that contains each of the 7 letters (sometimes even more than once). For this you get a bonus of 7 additional points!
The more words that can be found in a day, the more points are needed to advance a level. The highest level is reached with "Level 9: GeniusπŸ…". After that you can continue to collect points, but you have "won" for today. At this point, you can also check how many words are theoretically to be found for that day by clicking on the points-bar.
Note that some words may not be used: for example, hyphenated words, proper nouns, swear words, particularly obscure and exotic, highly technical, and invented words. There is a button for shuffling the fields - with its help you can swap the letters to look at them from a new angle.
Just copy out your already found words to share with others. And check out the progress in your personal statistics in the menu.
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Wortendo TIPS & HINTS

Share with others
Many players like to share their puzzles with others and don't mind helping each other a bit to reach their goal. If you want to get tips on the game of the day, or just exchange ideas with other Wortendo enthusiasts, you can do that for example here on Twitter and with the hashtag #Wortendo, or do it on Facebook, Reddit, or the forum of your choice.
Mix the letters
Sometimes it helps to look at things from a different angle. Below the letter field is the "Mixer". This doesn't give you new letters, but it rearranges them. This can help you see combinations of letters and words that you may not have seen before..
Search for prefix and suffix
Can you form new words with words you have already found, e.g. "hand" gives you 1 point, but "hands" gives you 5 more points!
Take a break
One of the best features of Wortify is that you can put it down and pick it up again later in the day with fresh eyes. Right where you left off.
Learn from the past puzzles
With a click on "Solutions yesterday" you can see the potential solutions from yesterday. Words that you found yourself are highlighted. Over time, you will notice that words are included that you might never have thought of.
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Wortendo FAQ

Why are there different numbers of words every day?
There are days on which more than twice as many words can be found than on the previous day - or vice versa. This depends always on the randomly selected 7 letters. The less points you need from level to level, the less words can be formed in total.
Why is my word not found?
This means that the word has not been included in the large database yet. There is only one list for all players. And what for one batch of players is part of their extensive vocabulary or expertise, it may be too obscure or exotic for the other. The solutions must therefore be balanced somehow. Therefore, for Wortendo, several hundred thousand of the most frequently used words in "everyday life" were added by an algorithm. Of course, this can also mean that your theoretically legitimate word, or a certain form of a word, is not accepted. See it as part of the challenge :-).
I have reached the highest level - should I keep searching?
First of all, congratulations! This is already more difficult than it looks at first sight. You can safely stop here and prove your skills again tomorrow. In any case, exchange yourself with others on Twitter (#Wortendo) or on Facebook, Reddit, Whatsapp, or the forum of your choice. Teamwork makes the dream work.
Can I share my progress?
The already found words can be copied with a click, so that you and other players can easily compare your previous finds, and possibly discover a previously hidden solution for today's puzzle.
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